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These are the sources where feedler will look for new posts to publish.

Supported sources#

As of now, feedler supports the following sources:

RSSA simple RSS feed.
AtomA simple Atom feed.
TikTokIs a video-sharing focused social networking service.
InstagramA social networking service for sharing photos and videos.
YouTubeThe popular video-sharing website by Google.
TwitchThe popular video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming.

We are working to extend the platform support to other sources.

Add a new feed#

To add a feed to your feedler account, you need to go to the feeds page, then click on the + icon on the toolbar on top of the page, this will pop up a form where you can select the feed type, once selected, fill all the required fields and click Save new feed.

Fill the form

Some feeds (like Instagram and TikTok), require to be authenticated to work. To achieve this, you need to go to the settings page and link your social account.

Next step#

After the feed, you need to create a workflow. Go to the next page to learn how to add it.